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About Us

Cygnus SAAS, is the exclusive licensor of all completed enterprise systems developed by the CYGNUS CAPITAL HOLDINGS TEAM. We are a team comprised of over 100 years of Wall Street experience. “Yes going back to when we used telephones to place trades”. Now the evolution of trading has brought us to the the front lines of speed and electronic trading to the new battle ground or the “NEXT FRONTIER” as we navigate HUMAN LATENCY DAILY. Machine learning, robotics, finite automata, rules based system, the description of Cygnus can go on and on with many words you have never heard before. That is why we are educators not salesman. It is our job to educate you and provide you with the necessary information to understand these words that come from the halls of MIT and the India Institute of Science.

As stated before we are educators more than salesman depending on your level of expertise. We are here to educate you on the system we just ask you to kindly please read the material that will be presented to you through our 100% automated qualifying process. We ask you to educate yourself of the phenomenon that is taking over WALL ST. It is estimated that in twenty years 60% of the financial advisers will be “gone with the wind” and replaced by machines. Our process of educating you is essential if you are ever to make CYGNUS part of your strategy. The two things that we know is the machine is finite and the second is our commitment to educate you on the system! More importantly how the INVENTOR applied automata to the global financial markets. There is no sales pitch here, we offer you an education on the system with hopes of you become a customer someday. We will be eager to put in time and effort to educate you in order for us to have an intelligent conversation about the system. There is no system like the Cygnus on the street. Please do not confuse Cygnus with all systematic traders through out the world. Cygnus is 100% fully automated system. Without education, you will never be able to make an informed decision whether Cygnus fits your portfolio or not.

We sure you do not like making bad decisions therefore education is the most essential part of the process. We hope you continue the journey by reading the material, participating in the chat room and blogs. CYGNUS is what it is! A machine that makes trading decisions using computer algorithms.

When the team notices through our automated system that you are ready for the next leap, expect a call from Cygnus representative.

Inventor Bio

Kris Pakala, is the inventor of CYGNUS I, along with being a licensed CTA (NFA ID: 0480076)

He is the operator of the CTA when referring to the system and all engineering protocols. Kris Pakala grew up in India and graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc), the top technology and research institute of India, in Computer Science and Automation. The school has been the top fertile ground for acquisitions as well as talent for top Silicon Valley firms. In the last 5 years the school has spawned many start ups that were bought by respective rivals Facebook (NASADAQ) FB Google (NASDAQ) GOOG with Yahoo (NASADAQ) YHOO making the latest acquisition. After his post graduate studies Kris was employed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India and worked in core module of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). He immigrated to USA in 1997 and worked on various software technology projects for companies ranging from small to very large depending on the companies need of his entire suite of expertise. Starting in the year off 2000 Mr. Pakala decided to apply his computer automation skills as well as his extensive contacts in the field to the futures option’s and forex markets. The premise of the strategy has been around for decades but the Cygnus is the only system that is fully automated with zero human interaction and precise risk measured by the millisecond. Mr. Pakala has assembled a team of brilliant scientist and engineers and has spent exhaustive hours over ten years completing the program. Mr. Pakala holds numerous expertises in computer science and mathematics as well as physics and astronomy. In India Mr. Pakala is considered an expert at all fields of technology and computer automation.

Cygnus Info

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